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NBC says that the whitehouse gave them a statement on the book.

Others already studied pre-war. nothing to see here. move along Edit

The subject of pre-war intelligence has been exhaustively examined by numerous individuals, committees of Congress, and expert bipartisan commissions. Indeed, it is difficult to identify a subject as thoroughly examined as this one - including the WMD Commission and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report on pre-war intelligence.

Question: why doesnt the SSCI report mention Habbush, even after Senator Pat Robers told Lou Dobbs in 2003 that they were going to follow up the letter issue?

"There were lots of unsubstantiated messages being sent prior to the invasion of Iraq - none of that is new. This is a rehash of very old reporting-- reports of this particular contact were reported on extensively in 2003."

Question: what particular contact? habbush? naji sabri?

Saddam didnt comply with the UN inspectors, security council, etc Edit

see article. question; does this imply that the UN supported the invasion? did it?

was bush aware of the 'backchannel message' Edit

wh has no comment.

suskind says, that he was aware of it, he just didnt think much of it.

did the WH direct the CIA to forge Edit

'the idea that the white house had anything to do with a forged letter purportedly from habbush to saddam is absurd'

did the CIA pay hush money to habbush Edit

wh has no comment! punts to the CIA

tenet statementEdit

blah blah blah , british broke off contact with habbush on their own, coz he was worthless blah lah blah

we didnt trust any of these iraqis saying 'no wmd', there were tons of them.

we didnt forge blah blah lah, there was no order.

etc etc. need to fix this some other day, give more detail.