link here

transcript here (thanks suskind response for pointing this out )

Sarts out standard interview, same points as all other talk shows re the book.

Colmes talks about the American Conservative story, which is sightly unusual..

Suskind: "if Feith... was involved... not part of my reporting" (hes talking about Doug Feith and the Office of Special Plans

Hannity: 'Did you ever ask Mr Tenet. . . specifically [about the orders]' - unusual question, Suskind talks about how he talked to people around Tenet, they go back and forth.

Hannity a bit upset.... Suskind repeats same thing as in other interviews, about how Tenet doesn't remember anything... and eventually says that he did not ask Tenet about the stuff.

Hannity says Suskind should release the tapes of his interviews.

Suskind says hes posting them on the internet.

Hannity quoting Inkster, about how Suskind conflated some things Inkster said.

Hannity re-iterates how he thinks Suskind shoulda asked Tenet.