"cliche line that is going around that, well, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. No such thing. The people that are customarily called freedom fighters are fighting against organized military forces. Even if it is a civil war, it is a war. Terrorists, as I said before, are people who deliberately choose as a target to murder and maim innocent people who have no influence upon the things that they think of as their political goals. And, therefore, those people must be treated as to what they are, and that is they are base criminals."

q: did patreas and him read the same books?

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Human Rights

Q. Mr. President, when you were in Indonesia, what did you tell President Soeharto about the human rights situation there? And as a followup, what would you like the Secretary of State to carry in the way of a human rights message to South Korea when he goes there today?

The President. Well, I have to say with regard to my conversations with Soeharto -- and I've always believed this with regard to human rights things and anyone we're talking with -- I've found that it's far more productive if quiet diplomacy is practiced and if you simply discuss those things in private. So, I won't refer to that. I will call attention to the fact, though, that with all of the criticisms that are being made, and particularly since the issue of whether some reporters could or could not land, the progress that has been made by Indonesia, the fact that they have become totally self-sufficient in providing food for their 165 million people, a number of things of this kind, the economic growth. He has much to be proud of and the record that has been established by his government. "

wikipedia:East Timor