by Larisa Alexandrovna, January 11, 2006

article talks about how gorbanifar, exile iranian, says he smuggled enriched uranium out of iraq prior to the war

murray Edit

"Murray says he did meet with the source, but was not part of a trip to Iraq.

"I did not make any such trip," Murray said. "I met with the source, found that he was not credible, forwarded the information he gave us to Washington, where it was thoroughly analyzed by many people and found not to add anything new to what we knew about Iran. The sensational charges that the source made could not be substantiated.""

Yep thats Bill Murray, the Naji Sabri guy from The Way of the World

weldon Edit

according to Alexandrovna: weldon , a congress guy, thinks the cia aint doing enough. talks to rummy, who tells the CIA to try again.

eventually, they decide gorbanifar is a hoaxter, some people think he was trying to make money off the deal.

etc etc etc Edit

situatino extremely complicated too tired to write the rest of what this artice mentions.