INC, iraqi national congress.

run by Ahmed Chalabi

chemical weapons document jan 2003 Edit

"On the influential Today programme the BBC headlined it's 8.00am news bulletin with with the claim to an exclusive story implying that Iraq has chemical weapons, but failed to provide any hard evidence and indeed seriously misled its audience.

The news bulletin said that a document, handwritten in arabic, supplied by the partisan Iraqi National Congress (INC) was pronounced as genuine by "three independent experts", all unnamed. However, none of these "independent experts" is a native arab speaker and one is Bob Bear, ex-CIA Station Chief in Iraq. The BBC also admitted to 911dossier that the experts only agreed that the document "appears" to be genuine.

The other "experts" are Toby Dodge an unknown academic from Warwick University and Bill Tierney, described as a former weapons inspector. It has been accepted that the former weapons inspectors contained several espionage personnel from the UK and the US. "

q: is there any truth to the assertion? im too tiredf to go digging into this any more right now, but im sure things are rather complicated. Bill Tierney is a major source in the book Shadow Warrirors.

q: Where did the INC get the handwritten document??

q: were there other news stories using this document a a source?

q: why did bill tierney think the document was authentic?

q: who was the document from/to?

q: where did they get the document?

q: was the document authentic?

q: where is the document now?