according to priest and wright, in Iraq Spy Service Planned by U.S. To Stem Attacks,

  • INA is 'Jordan Based' and "a former exile group that includes former Baath Party military and intelligence officials. "
  • INA has been led by Ayad Allawi for many years, and as of 2008 still.

q: Was habbush in the group? did he talk to ppl in the group?

pre-war intel? Edit

"the INA has had a long relationship with MI6 and CIA and was active in gathering intelligence prior to the war. " - nick theros, jan 2004 [1]

like who?

Husayn Kamil joins Edit

"The INA's prospects for success appeared to brighten in August 1995 when Saddam's son- in-law Husayn Kamil al-Majid-architect of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs -defected to Jordan. The defection suggested to many in the region that Saddam's grip on power was weakening; King Husayn subsequently denounced Saddam and agreed to allow the INA to operate from Jordan. However, Iraq's intelligence services were able to penetrate the INA's dissident operations and, in June 1996, Baghdad arrested 100 military officers linked to the 1NA and executed 30 others. Alawi claims that INA sympathizers continue to operate throughout Iraq." (wirtten in 1998)

q: wtf?

randy stearns Edit

"The Accord was organized by the British intelligence agency MI6 after the Gulf War. It gained support within the CIA's London station later that spring as Bush administration officials looked for a way to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Among its leaders is Gen. Adnan Nuri, a former brigade commander in Saddam�s special forces. He joined the Iraqi National Congress in May 1992, but was recruited a month later to work secretly for the CIA within the Accord. "They said: �You work separate from the INC, but don�t resign from the INC�," Nuri told ABCNEWS. Nuri later convinced the Clinton White House to abandon the CIA-backed INC only hours before it was to begin a March 1995 offensive aimed at toppling Saddam. By that time, President Clinton was already favoring the Accord members predictions regarding the possibility of sparking a coup and turning cold to the potential complications of a popular insurrection in Iraq. By the summer of 1995, Washington�s efforts concentrated on working with King Hussein of Jordan and the Accord�s new offices in Amman."

The CIA�s Secret War in Iraq

by Randy Stearns, "ABCNews", feb. 1998



  • Amman was where Habbush met Shipster
  • King Abdullah/Richer helped with that meeting
  • King Hussein is King Abudllah's father
  • The INA was in Amman


  • Did Habbush have INA contacts before 1999?
  • Did Habbush go to Amman before 1999?
  • Did Habbush have a relationship with the Jordanian government?
  • What was Habbush's relationship to INA?
  • Was Allawi chosen to deliver the letter? By whom?
    • Did Allawi had some relationship with Habbush?
    • Did Allawi have some relationship with Amman, Jordan?
    • Did Allawi have some relationship with Abdullah?

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