" But back to rotating presidents... Insiders say that all 9 members of the council hate each other. Meetings sometimes end in shouting, name-calling and insults. The one thing they do agree on is that Bremer is God. His word is Scripture. " [1]

"Each of the nine (including Adnan Al-Pachichi, Ahmad Al-Chalabi, Al-Hakim and various others) get to 'rule' for a month. You know, Iraq just needs more instability- all we need is a new president each month." [2]

habbush letter and igc Edit

Con Coughlin says the 'coalition governent' uncovered the Habbush Memo. "Iraq's coalition government claims that it has uncovered documentary proof" see Terrorist behind September 11 strike was trained by Saddam

now, does 'coalition government' mean the IGC? or what?

The INC, which had Chalabi, who was on the IGC, said it was 'nonsense' (see the Isikoff newsweek article).

So why would coughlin say the 'coalition government'?

wikipedia:Iraqi Governing Council