David Blair said in some article that this man can recognize Habbush's signature, and did so with a bunch of stuff Blair found in the Iraq Foreign Ministry in 2003. Im too tired to dig up the article reference. It is in relation to the 'Galloway Documents' Blair found. Not the Habbush/Saddam/Atta/Nidal letter.

Nicole Martin had a much more detailed article about Wihaib. It's gone from the telegraph newspaper website... but its here:

She is talking about the Galloway Documents again.. I think?. Not about the Habbush/Saddam/Atta/Nidal letter.

"I am 100 per cent certain that this document is genuine," he said, his eyes still fixed on the letter. "As soon as I saw the document I knew it was Habbush's handwriting because it is so distinctive and unusual. This is not ordinary writing. The words are very big, just like sculptures. He writes very well."

"Mr Wihaib said that in 13 years he received about "25 or 26" letters from Habbush, who during this period occupied several roles including the head of both the interior intelligence service and the Republican Guard. He was appointed head of the Iraqi intelligence service in the late 1990s."


Question: Is anyone backing up Wihaib on any of this info?? Is his story about himself accurate?

Question: Galloway claims the docs are forged. Was this proven? Who forged them? Why?

Question: Anyone else has seen Habbush's writing? How about that Iraq Memory Foundation? What do they think?

Question: Why is the articles gone off the telegraph's website? Is it because Galloway won his lawsuit?

Wihaib also has one of the most screwed up biographies on wikipedia that I've seen in quite a while. wikipedia:Haitham Rashid Wihaib

He briefly had his own web page, where he claimd to sell off Saddams posessions: link on from 2007

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