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From the Spider Hole is an article by William Safire in the new york times, dec 15 2003.

has theory - saddam killed nial to cover up 9/11 connection Edit

In it he claims that the death of Abu Nidal was really Saddam's fault, and that Saddam was trying to kill Nidal so as to cover up Saddams links to Mohammed Atta, the 9/11 hijacker.

Why? Well, he uses as evidence the Habbush Letter, which Con Coughlin had reported the contents of a few days before Safire wrote his article.

other statements Edit

  • Ayad Allawi is 'long considered reliable by intelligence agencies'
  • William Safire likes lamb chops and potato pancakes.
  • Saddams trial will be a meticulous list of his wrongs

(interesting... this did not happen. why not? who was for this sort of thing? who against? he was put to death after short trials for like, some small things. there was no grand world stage, and no vast sweeping accounting of his wrongs)

Other Questions.

  • Ayad Allawi, whats the story with that guy?
  • What really happened to Nidal?
  • Does Safire's conclusion seem reasonable, if you assume the letter is legit?
  • Are we making any conclusions that seem reasonable, that will turn out to be as dumb as Safires'? What are we missing? What did he miss? Why did he miss it ? What were his assumptions, and were they wrong? Why?