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It is elsewhere though, like here:


This article, aside from being fascinating in and of itself, discusses many interesting things related to the following subjects:

  • What was it like in Iraq after the fall
  • What was it like looking for docuents there
  • What the documents were like
  • Claims to have examples of Habbush's handwriting and signature
  • Claims to have other dude who can recognize Habbush's signature

Example quote:

. . . "Haitham Rashid Wihaib, Saddam's former head of protocol, who fled Iraq in 1993, has identified the signature on the document as that of Tahir Jalil Habbush al Tikriti, head of the Mukhabarat from 1999 until the fall of the regime. Four other documents carrying this signature appear in the files.". . .

  • says foreign ministry had a bunch of files in it
  • says haitham rashid wihaib says he knows what Habbush's sig looks like
  • apparently the iraqi iis,or mukhabarat, has its own stationery. is it cream colored? is it pink? blue? mauve? taupe? color is important, people!
  • says notes from mukhabarat were hand written
  • says notes were signed by habbush

Question: How did Wihaib know Habbush's sig? Habbush wasnt head of IIS until 1999, ,Wihaib left Iraq in 1993. What was Habbush doing in 1993? How does Wihaib know his signature? Question: Does the sig/handwriting on these docs match that on the Habbush Letter to Saddam, about mohammed atta, abu nidal, etc?


And by the way, all of these docs implicate George Galloway in serious dealings with Saddams government, if not illegal, then probably unethical... of course there was a trial... and Galloway won... but did he prove that these documents were fake? The CSM documents were fake, but what about the David Blair documents ?