FANDOM, Jeff Stein, aug 22 2008, spytalk blog,

  • Talks about how Suskind didnt use good interview techniques with Richer
  • Makes several statements about what Richer has said....

Richer denies that Suskind showed him the passages in question before the book was published. He says he rushed out to buy the book himself when he began hearing about what it would say.

Suskind had interviewed Richer previously on two occasions, on matters unrelated to his current book, in personal meetings, sources say.

But Suskind conducted his interviews with Richer about the forged document by telephone.

Richer also denies Suskind's insistance that he and the author have exchanged a "flurry" of e-mails since the book's publication.

Question: Why did Suskind not have more specific intervies with Richer? Why are the interview transcripts so vague in language?

Question: When Stein says 'Richer says', what is his source for Richer saying stuff? Who are 'sources say'? Because, the stuff that Stein has Richer saying, does not agree with the stuff on Richer's written statement on suskind response


  • Stein has Richer saying he rushed out and bought the book. Richer's written statement says that he demanded a copy from Suskind, who sent his assistant over with a copy [1]
  • Stein says the interviews with Richer about the 'forged document' were on the telephone. Wait... so was the transcript of Richer/Suskind about a forged document, or wasn't it? Who claims the telephone conversations were about a forged document? Is that Richer claiming that, or Stein? Because I thought Richer's whole written statement was claiming that the interviews were not about a forged document.... and that Suskind had misunderstood the whole thing.... ? [2]

Question: Stein says Richer denied a 'flurry' of emails with Suskind. When did Suskind claim to have emailed Richer? I remember Suskind saying he emailed Maguire, he said it on at least one interview on the first week of the books release.

Question: Stein says the interviews with Richer were on the telephone. How does that impact the legality situation, if Suskind did not, in fact, get permission to tape record the interview?

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