CIA agent who met with Naji Sabri, but not directly, through a Lebanese reporter intermediary, in 2002.

See pgs 179, 180, 181, thereabouts, in The Way of the World.

According to Suskind's book, Murray gave an initial report on the meeting, saying Iraq basically had no WMDs, the report eventually went to Bush, who was not impressed.

Then, during the writing of the report, somehow the opposite of Murray's initial report got written ... so it read that Iraq basically did have WMDs. Says Suskind, this modified report was given to the British.

Suskind also says that when Michael Shipster learned about this, he said that if the British Government had known what Habbush and Naji Sabri were both saying, actually saying, before the war, they wouldn't have gone to war. Thats on pg 384/385.