Jesuit high school where Ahmed Chalabi, Ayad Allawi, and Adil Abdul-Mahdi all went to school when they were kids, before Saddam.

see "Three boyhood friends run for Iraq's top post", Dexter Filkins, DEC 12, 2005, International Herald Tribune

"Allawi for a secular state, Abdul-Mahdi for an Islamic-style democracy and Chalabi for a program that would purge Iraqi society of those associated with Saddam's regime.

Allawi and Chalabi, in particular, engaged in a bitter struggle in the 1990s over leadership of the exile movement.

. . .

Chalabi and Abdul-Mahdi say they are ready to strike political deals that might involve tossing aside some of their ideological differences. Depending on the results of the election on Thursday, all three men said they were considering entering into a coalition as part of a "national unity" government."