With special appearance by John Conyers.

This is actually two interviews.

One on august 13, one on august 14th.

part i, august 13Edit


this interview has some new details.

it mentions the american conservative magaazine theory about the OSP and doug feith

it mentions greg jackson, more details

talks about the REAL point of the book,,,,, our moral authority is trashed, so we cant tell russia anything about Georgia, because, hell, we went into Iraq. so now were basically, philosophically debate wise, trouble.

he imagines what putin is thinking - "Ultimately, you’re down in the mud with us now. Get used to it.”

part ii, august 14Edit


mentions 5 million dollars payment

more details on british/us/habbush relationship

actual interview with john conyers, from US house judiciary committee holy cow!

the senate select committee on intelligence is also investigating... wow.

suskind apparently has a whole, whole lot of off the record sources.

conyers is whining

amy/suskind trying to pick apart the words of richer and maguires responses.... has he mixed some things up?

says habbush didnt actually sign letter habbush didnt actually write the letter would hav been worried about his family

maguire apparently has much much more detail about the forgery

says tenet had no CIA operations experience befre he got the job

maguire gives a buttload of details, according to suskind. no vaguery wishy washy nonsense like .. for richer...

says why jordan for meeting habbush, , , , because of rob richers relatinoship with king abdullah

saddam might have had something to say about all this...................

conyers talking about a joint house/senate committee

suskind on the media "reporters around the world are out hunting right now to nail down other parts of the story, and I think we’ll probably see yield from that in the next few days or certainly weeks. "

on the whitehouse "They’ve been hunting for sources for many reporters for years. It chills sources. It makes them fear for their families, for their future. And this is still going on."