Head of INC.

Was an exile.

wikipedia:Ahmed Chalabi

relationship with Allawi Edit

As kids they went to school together... see Baghdad College

relationship with bill bruner? Edit

Kwiatowski says Bruner was Chalabi's "handler" [1]

q: any other evidence of this?

relationship with kenneth timmerman? Edit

who seems to be one of chalabi's few defenders?

heres a strange article about the arrest of chalabi in 2004...

pubic perception Edit

when the announcement was made that he was coming to town, coming into Baghdad, our office was flooded with individuals that were concerned aout his past, concerned about the fact he ha an open inditment in Jordan, and how could we support an individual who had been alleged to have conducted some criminal acts and bring him into Baghdad, ans as him to be responsible for any part of the governent. The office was flooded . . . from the lowest-level person. . . to influential sheikhs within the tribes -- Alan King, quoted in What Was Asked of Us, p 64

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